Tintern Abbey

Enjoy this exceptional Cistercian abbey

Tintern Abbey wasn’t always the ruins that you see today. It remains one of the best preserved medieval Abbeys in Wales. Constructed between 1131 and 1536, with countless iterations and adaptations over that time.
For 400 years monks resided within this historic monument, but it was on September 3, 1536 Abbot Wyche surrendered Tintern Abbey to King Henry VIII’s officials, which saw it’s use cease as an Abbey and it’s fall to ruin. Through the 18th Century, the Abbey was rediscovered by the Picturesque movement, with famous artists including Turner and Wordsworth capturing its romantic qualities in words and image. At this time it stood overgrown and covered in Ivy.

Since then, the historical significance of the Abbey has been realised, most recently, Cadw have taken custodianship of the moment and led it’s restoration and preservation. The visitor centre is open daily for visitors and can be accessed from across the car park at The Anchor.